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Just a Nudge 9 with Todd Justman

Episode Summary

This week’s Guest comes to us through a referral from another potential "Just a Nudge" Guest. We welcome Todd Justman to this episode. Todd is the Operating Manager & Owner of 1-800 WATER DAMAGE, a franchise based in Rochester Hills, Michigan which is a suburb of Detroit. Before that Todd spent several years in the Financial Services sector and he also considers himself to be a "Process Sherpa". Yep, you can bet I ask him about that moniker. During the program, Todd will let you know the path of how he got to where he is and offers up some very interesting reasons for entering the world of a franchisee to set free your entrepreneurial spirit! He may give you Just a Nudge to work YOUR way to that path, as well. Ready, here we grow…

Episode Notes

Thank for the great conversation, Todd. Here is Todd's contact information:

Website: www.ProcessSherpa.com

Website for 1-800-WATER DAMAGE: https://www.1800waterdamage.com/

Personal Phone #: 248-321-0478

Phone Number for 1-800-WATER DAMAGE:

Email: todd.justman@1800waterdamage.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/toddjustman

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